ZSI Consulting Inc.

South Florida Information Technology and Managed Security Services Provider serving Small and medium businesses throughout the State.

We manage your technology needs so you can focus on what you do best.

Rich Information

Make informed decisions with historical & real time data.

We combine immediate real time events with rich historical data to help answer the toughest questions about retention, growth, and engagement.

Data frequency

We poll for data on a millisecond basis. You can react to new information in seconds rather than days. Learn more.

Reliability & uptime

We process our data across a massively distributed network of reliable servers to ensure 99.99% uptime, always. Learn more.

Services Offered:

Some of the things we do well.

  • Maintenance for Offices and SMBs

  • Network Security MSSP

  • Server Hardware Design, Sales and Support

  • Workstation Hardware Design, Sales and Support.

  • Wireless Networks, Design, Installation, Testing and maintanence

  • Monitoring Services for mission critical services such as Webserver, SQL/MySQL Database servers

  • Domain network Controllers, FileServers and Application Servers

  • Replication and backup solution

  • Software design and implementation

  • Web Application Design, Code and Implementations

  • Web presence Services

1 goAnalytics “who are the latest 3 users?”
3  {
4    "Dave": {
5      "fullName": "Dave Gamache",
6      "twitterHandle": "@dhg",
7    }
8    "Mark": {
9      "fullName": "Mark Otto",
10      "twitterHandle": "@mdo",
11    }
12    "Jacob": {
13      "fullName": "Jacob Thornton",
14      "twitterHandle": "@fat",
15    }
16  }

Payment Details


  • As-you-type, input formatting
  • Form field validation (also as you type)
  • Graceful error feedback for declined card, etc
  • AJAX form submission w/ visual feedback
  • Creates a Stripe credit card token

Be sure to replace the dummy API key with a valid Stripe API key.

Built upon: Bootstrap, jQuery, jQuery Validation Plugin, jQuery.payment library, and Stripe.js

High Praise

“Go Analytics is amazing. Decisions that used to take weeks, now only takes minutes and is available to everyone on my team.”

Cindy Smith, founder of Cool Startup

Inside the machine

It’s not hard to see how we make your life easier every day.

24/7 support. We’re always here for you no matter what time of day.

E-commerce. We automatically handle all sales analytics.

Turnaround. Our data analysis is distributed, so it processes in seconds.

Rich calculations. Limitless ways to splice and dice your data.

Mobile apps. iOS and Android apps available for monitoring.

Secure connections. Every single request is routed through HTTPS.

Business Talk

No plans. We just bump your plan whenever you need it.


Plenty of processing power for any personal projects, big or small.

  • 10k monthly requests
  • 9am-5pm technical supprt
  • Public API access

The perfect sized plan for small businesses to get started.

  • 100k monthly requests
  • 24/7 technical supprt
  • Public API access

An unlimited plan that will scale infinitely to any size project.

  • Unlimited monthly requests
  • 24/7 technical supprt
  • Public & Private API access